Just because you’re on television, doesn’t mean you’re smart. During a segment of ESPN’s “First Take,” Stephen A. Smith went after Colin Kaepernick who tweeted a quote given by Jackie Robinson in regard to the national anthem.

Smith went on to outline the differences in the times that Robinson grew up in compared to Kaepernick’s circumstances. The ESPN host explained Robinson faced blatant racism and segregation while Kaep had more opportunities.

“You know one thing that folks haven’t realized that Colin Kaepernick is actually comparable to? … He’s actually comparable to President Donald Trump,” Smith adds. “Donald Trump was the former owner for the USFL who tried to sue the NFL for $1.7 billion. He won the case but one a grand total of $1. It ruined the USFL, certainly ruined his chances of ultimately getting what he really wanted, which was to own an NFL team.”

During Smith’s ridiculous rant, his co-host, Max Kellerman, shook his head with displeasure.

Smith might not be a fan of Kaepernick, and that’s cool,  but to compare him to Trump is very foolish and juvenile. Kaepernick is trying to bring attention to social injustice going on in this country, while Trump wants to bring us to war. Huge difference between the two men.