Kaotica has developed a product that will allow musicians to leave their acoustical boundaries behind.

To bring artists and music lovers into the know, Kaotica partnered with The Source and Hanami Cars-Culture-Connections, as part of the technology awareness by presenting their cutting-edge Eyeball microphone cover to VIP’s and recording artists attending Hanami’s launch and connections event during the 2018 NBA All-Star Weekend.

The Eyeball is used by recording engineers and music producers who have worked with A-List artists, such as Pharrell Williams, Migos, Gucci Mane and more. The Eyeball is a mobile vocal booth that fits over a microphone and produces studio quality sound. It provides the freedom to capture vocals and assist the artist or producer to utilize their time more effectively where ever they are located. This product is an example of a solution that solves a technological and time management issue with the benefits of quality and economics.

“Kaotica celebrates the clarity of the recorded voice in a mobile world and the universal power of music to connect all cultures with the Kaotica Eyeball. Hanami celebrates our mobile lifestyle by focusing on the connections and culture around the luxury automobile, the synergy of beauty coupled with the science of engineering. The NBA, music, luxury automobiles all come together through the mediums of audio, video and social media and they all need a clear voice to deliver their message. That’s why Kaotica was the perfect fit with the #OffTheCourtLifestyle tag,” stated Kaotica Brand Ambassador Sonny Bonho.

Kaotica’s Eyeball is easy to use and set-up. It can be considered a studio booth alternative that fits right over the microphone, sets up in seconds and instantly transforms any space into a recording studio. It fits most vocal recording microphones and shock-mounts.

The Eyeball sits freely on most shock-mounts without the need for any attachments.  Short bodied microphones will sit decoupled from your shock-mount, and long bodied microphones can screw onto the shock-mount.  It is not necessary to screw your microphone onto its respective shock-mount, especially ones that are short bodied.  All microphones held within the Eyeball are automatically decoupled regardless if they are screwed onto a shock-mount or not.  Test standing in different distances and find what works best with your voice and style.

For more information and to purchase the Eyeball visit www.kaoticaeyeball.com.