Amazon could be one step closer to dominating your household.  According to Bloomberg, Amazon is building smart robots as part of a project named “Vesta.”

The robots may launch as soon as 2019, according to the report, which says they’ll be equipped with cameras that let them drive around our homes. Amazon has reportedly increased the number of hires for the project, which will form part of a “smart team of doers that work passionately to apply cutting-edge advances in robotics and software to solve real-world challenges” in order to “transform” their customers’ experiences in ways they “can’t even imagine yet.”

According to Bloomberg, Lab126 intends to roll out the prototype robots into employees’ homes by the end of the year, with commercial prototypes possibly becoming available early next year. The information comes from “people briefed on the plan,” but Amazon refused to comment on “rumors and speculation” when Bloomberg reached out for further confirmation.

Advances in computer-vision technology, cameras, artificial intelligence and voice activation help make it feasible for Amazon to bring its robot to the marketplace.

Eventually, robots and driverless cars will be the new normal. Amazon is just trying to beat everyone to launch first.