Just hours after dropping his production reeled single “Lift Yourself,” Kanye West dropped his second single of 2018 titled “Ye. Vs. The People,” an audible document where the masses find the famed producer in a debate with T.I. over the reveal of his gushing support for the Donald Trump agenda.

Starting off with a soothing sample of Four Tops “7 Rooms of Gloom,” Kanye kicks off the track tackling his stance on the presidencies of both Barack Obama and Donald Trump, deeming Trump’s presidency as the one to invoke confidence about his own probable chance at an American presidency, “I know Obama was Heaven-sent, but ever since Trump won, it proved that I could be President.”

In the representation of the people, T.I. followed by West’s might from a strictly opposed stance basically questioning Kanye’s loyalty and his contradicting persona, which appear to be “against the teachings that Ye taught for?” The track flows into a lengthy packed verse of Kanye West and T.I. using hip-hop’s rap element to tackle the big elephant in the room in the format of debate, Kanye’s sudden right-wing swing.

Just one day before the release of “Ye Vs. The People,” the Atlanta rapper spent one entire day with West, and later took to Instagram and revealed despite ‘Ye’s sturdy stance on his profound Trump advocacy, he will remain optimistic and concludes the task as a “long term work in progress.”

On the track, Kanye argues that he has never stopped fighting for the people. According to Yeezy, he is on a mission to promote a form a equality in America, which is why he was spotted unapologetically rocking a MAGA hat. Apparently, this mentality is not sudden or new for West. T.I. highlighted the overwhelming support the black community has shown the famed producer at times of public strife and in response, Kanye states he has actually owned the MAGA hat for over a year and felt that it was time for him to finally burgeon his new persona, “I was in the sunken place and then I found the new me.”

“Ye. Vs. The People” is an avid display into the profound mentality of Kanye West. Also, the masses are getting a glance at what is to come on Kanye West’s mysterious upcoming eighth album, which coming he revealed during his most recent Twitter rampage. With the reasoned stance of T.I. invoking a direct hit on Kanye’s most wrangling beliefs, the track serves a pretty clear picture of where Kanye stands and T.I.’s optimistic deposition.