Though South Africa may be on the other side of the world, The Dushman’s music has spread like wildfire to the states. After beginning a career in music around 2007, the artist quickly became enamored with the art. He frequently performed at various shows, and everyone around him witnessed his deep-rooted passion and evident talent. Ever since then, he has never stopped pushing forward in his craft.

When it comes to The Dushman’s sound, it’s a very unique one. But don’t be fooled, his music instantly puts anyone on their feet. “My sound is hip-hop fused with elements of 90’s RnB. It’s a modern day sound- it’s quite different than what’s out there in the market right now,” said the artist. What sets The Dushman apart from any competition artist is his ability to be so purely relatable. He strives to make his music and lyrics as a message people can cling to, as it is a method in connecting to his audience.

The Dushman has been quite the busy man lately, as he has been focused on the visual aspect of his artistry. “When it comes to my music videos, I make my craft different in all type of ways than what’s out there right now. Like my single, ‘Candy’, it’s not the typical song you hear on the radio right now,” said The Dushman. Adding to that, the single’s music video currently has over 131,000 views on YouTube alone. These views have endlessly raked in over the past 30 days, so it’s safe to say that The Dushman’s sound is going viral.

Right now, the artist is focused on pushing his EP called “Love Potion”, which is available for download now. His own team, The Dushman Squad, is taking the music scene by storm as well. Through his independent label, TDM Music Group, he can accomplish just about anything he puts his mind to. As his goal is to be a global sensation, The Dushman continues to put in the countless hours in making sure this becomes a reality. At the rapid rate he’s going, this will be accomplished in no time.

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