Toronto Raptors coach Dwane Casey will be named  2017-18 NBA Coach of the Year by the National Basketball Coaches Association, reports the New York Times.

The decision isn’t without merit, either. This season, Casey led Toronto to a franchise record 59 wins and the Eastern Conference’s top seed. The Raptors were just swept by the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference Semifinals.

Speculation has been circulating around Casey’s future with the team though, with TSN reporting that the Raptors are leaning towards a coaching change amid the team’s constant postseason struggles.

Casey has five winning seasons and five playoff appearances in seven years. He has won four best-of-seven series. In 16 combined seasons, every other Raptors coach produced four winning seasons, five playoff appearances, and never won a best-of-seven. Casey is, without a doubt, the most successful coach in franchise history.

The idea of firing Casey is absurd. Toronto consistently runs into the best player in the world in LeBron James. Coaching can only take you so far against a juggernaut like James. If you look at LeBron’s finals loses, you will see you need multiple superstars to take him down.  Toronto doesn’t have enough talent and that’s not on the coach.


Basically, it’s not the coach’s fault Toronto is now known as LeBronto.