We are in full swing for baseball season but superstar Seattle Mariners second baseman Robinson Cano won’t take any swings from the batter’s box in the forthcoming weeks. The baseball all-star has been suspended 80 games without pay by Major League Baseball after testing positive for a banned substance.

ESPN reports the Tuesday (May 15) announcement shared Cano test positive for Furosemide. The substance, which is also diuretic, is in violation of the drug prevention and treatment program of the MLB.

In response to the news of the suspension, Cano issued a statement on social media where he accepts responsibility for the use of Furosemide, however, he states that he was unaware that the substance was banned and stands firm on the fact that it is not one of Performance Enhancement. Cano shares Furosemide was provided by a licensed doctor from the Dominican Republic and his usage was to treat a medical ailment.

If the 80 games weren’t enough to crush the star’s spirits he will encounter a loss of $11.85 million of this year’s contract. In addition to losing money, if his Mariners were to make it to the MLB Postseason he would have to watch instead of assisting his teammates to try and win the championship.

“I apologize to my family, friends, fans, teammates and the Mariners organization,” Cano stated. “I am extremely grateful for the support I have received during this process, and I look forward to rejoining my teammates later this season.”

The full statement from the Roc Nation represented slugger is available below.

Photo Courtesy of Associated Press