June is packed full of releases but Nicki Minaj’s forthcoming Queen album is one where the anticipation is boiling over. Prior to us getting into the music on June 15, Minaj will appear on Saturday Night Live this weekend to perform, while Tina Fey is hosting. To get the last minute excitement up for the episode, SNL has released the trailer with the two ladies of the evening.

The teaser for the late-night comedy show builds upon the announcement from Nicki about the two doing a film together soon by teasing that a sketch would be apart of the show. Aside from that Tina gets “lit” and creates an awkward moment.

In that same Instagram post, Nicki Minaj shared that the title of the film with Tina Fey will be Get Ya Life Ugly.

With it being close to here release date Nicki Minaj could bring her two singles “Chun-Li B” and “Barbie Tingz” to stage or could introduce something new. Either way, her appearance will be must-see.

View the teaser below and be sure to check out Nicki and Tina take over SNL for the season finale this Saturday on NBC.