Last week Meek Mill was supposed to meet with President Trump at the White House for a prison reform summit. At the last minute, Meek canceled his appearance and it was said that he was influenced by Jay-Z to not attend the meeting, which he states is not true.

Meek took a seat at his hometown radio station Power 99 and discussed a variety of topics, including skipping his trip to Washington D.C. During the sit-down, Meek extinguished the rumor and said he had no clue about the origin of the rumor. The idea to pass on the meeting with President Trump was from the mind of the Dreamchaser himself, stating that he and the President aren’t on the same page in regards to the state of America.

“I just ain’t feel good about it. If I gotta put my name at risk – cause I was kind of excited because the bills they are trying to pass are actually like, helping 4,000 people get released,” Meek shared. “Not having women chained to beds when they are going through labor. A woman can be in jail, you could do 60 days in jail, 30 days in jail, and she going to be chained to the bed like an animal while she has her baby. There are a lot of policies that congressmen, a few other people were presenting and they wanted me to be apart of it. I was excited about it. I was actually excited to be invited something like that. The day before I started to think about it. It’s too much criticism. Me and the President we represent two different sides of things. Like I said it’s two Americas and I really represent the other side of America. If it’s not anything extraordinary that I’m making change for I don’t want to sit down for it.”

Check out the entire interview below to hear more thoughts regarding the White House and Meek’s experiences since his release.