Nas was set to perform at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas on Friday May 4th but he could barely stand on stage, let alone rap. He was drunk before getting up on stage and while he was up there, he mumbled a few raps and then bailed after 10 minutes.

A video was taken by a fan who attended the venue to see the legendary rapper spit on stage. He was on a rooftop with fans all around him, ready for when he touched the mic. But the Queensbridge rapper was swaying from side to side and I dont think that’s apart of his performance. Yikes!

Nas continued his set after a small rant about how he was the greatest Virgo to ever live… right behind Doug E. Fresh that is. He jumped into one of his early hits, “It Ain’t Hard To Tell.” Fans were a little concerned about the rapper after he expressed to the crowd about his happiness and then dipped off stage with a quickness,

“I’m just happy… Shout out to everybody living life.”

Check out some of fans’ tweets below: