In an instant era, the Internet has brought us many people have become impatient with the time it has taken for Pusha T to respond to Drake’s fiery “Duppy Freestyle.” The wait is over and Pusha T has responded in a fury that mentioned everything from Drake’s mom and pops to the possibility that he has a child that he does not claim on “The Story of Adidon.”

The onslaught from Pusha T was delivered to Funk Flex at Hot 97 and also included a scathing jab at Drake’s go-to producer 40 and a quick mention that he will pull the evidence back “layer by layer.”

The last blow in this diss is the cover, which features a younger Drake, presumably from the Wheelchair Jimmy days in blackface. To make sure the impact is felt, Pusha T made sure to disclose the image was not photoshopped by tweeting the photographer and gallery that it came from. The timeline is alive and buzzing. Check out the offerings from Pusha T below.