There are no rules when it comes rap beef — well, unless it’s happening on social media.

G.O.O.D. Music President Pusha T dropped his highly anticipated response to Drake’s “Duppy Freestyle” yesterday, only to have the song’s artwork reported on Instagram as offensive content.

First time this has happened to me…

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In case you haven’t seen the picture, this is what’s causing all the commotion:

The picture displays a real photoshoot that Drake did years ago while wearing the super offensive Blackface, which ended up being an extremely calculated troll on Pusha T’s end. From listening to “The Story of  Adidon,” we learned that Drake has an alleged son by a pornstar, he’s matriculating a cycle from his father by abandoning said son and his dad wears Steve Harvey suits. The DAYTONA rapper also mentioned Drake’s longtime producer and best friend, Noah “40” Shebib, referencing him with a scathing line about 40’s Multiple Sclerosis (MS) diagnosis that he’s been dealing with since 2005. Ironically, today (May 30) is Multiple Sclerosis Day.

Even though it took longer than expected, Pusha T’s response to “Duppy Freestyle” was a fierce blow to the chest and head, and was definitely well worth the wait. “The Story of Adidon” turned out to be a masterful job, with each bar feeling like a calculated investigative piece. We can all appreciate the time it took to craft what he’s referring to as “Surgical Summer.”

We’ll continue to monitor this beef as we anticipate a response from the 6 God.