In a recent episode of Close Up with The Hollywood Reporter, Tracee Ellis Ross broached her position with the shelved episode of Black-ish titled “Please, Baby, Please.” According to Ross, she simply does not have the answers as to exactly why the episode was shelved.

During the roundtable discussion, the charming actress admits that the cast of the hit ABC show frequently engages in “vocal” and “strong” conversations about the subject matter of their episodes. When it came to their only shelved one, she made the decision to step back from that conversation solely because she had no power to execute an action that was beyond reality.

“We have conversations about the subject matter of our episodes, yes we do,” said Ross. “The details of why the episode was pulled and everything that has surrounded that, I do not have the answers for.”

The subject matter of episode “Please, Baby, Please,” was centered around the Take a Knee movement. Anthony Anderson’s character Dre Johnson and his son Andre find themselves into the wind of debate over the rights football players are entitled to when it comes to making the decision to kneel during the national anthem. The episode was set to premiere in February, but instead, a rerun of the comedic show took its course. ABC told Variety, the reason the episode remained unaired was due to “creative differences” they couldn’t resolve.

Ross who plays Dr. Rainbow Johnson said she made an attempt to gather information about the mishap for the sake of benefiting her own understanding and use it constructively because she finds the matter to be rather “frightening.”

“I have asked for the information and pushed for the information that I felt would be helpful to me and constructive in what I can do with it. Because I find it frightening.”

Her fright in the cause may shuttle the mentality of the show’s network and their fear of the outcome, shall the episode have aired. Regardless, this did not stop the said network from resurging their once hit ’90s show Roseanne, who returned to the forefront as a hardcore conservative and Trump supporter.