It has been some couple of years ever since Eddie Murphy has hit the big screen and now he back to play a beloved role.

The Coming to America class-act is set to play blaxploitation film legend Rudy Ray Moore in Dolemite Is My Name, a Netflix film centered around the life and times of the Dolemite actor as reported by Deadline. Apparently, Murphy has been yearning to play this role for a decade and his wish has finally come to fruition. Production for the film will start this month with Craig Brewer as the director, who is also behind the directs of Hustle & Flow.

Reigning throughout the 1970s, the blaxploitation movie era showcased a core reality of the Black community. Blaxploitation movies and actors leveled up to become influential figures in the culture of Hip-Hop and overall, its musical content. Rudy Ray Moore is best known as being the vivid hustling pimp hero in the Dolemite film series. Permeated with Black ghetto fantasy tales, raw rhymes, and graphic comedic sketches, Moore subconsciously contributed to the blueprint of storytelling by the Hip-Hop emcee. Dolemite films were unapologetically vulgar, to an extent, the local record stores refused to sell Moore’s films. So rather than hitting the mainstream circuit, Moore became a hood hit star aka underground hit.

Moore is highly respected in the culture of hip-hop as a precursor to the hip-hop emcee in which accounts of homage are evident in the works of hip-hop notables in the likes of Big Daddy Kane (“Big Daddy vs. Dolemite” Taste of Chocolate 1990), Snoop Dogg ( “Dolomite” No Limit Top Dogg 1999), and Busta Rhymes (“Intro” When Disaster Strikes… 1997). The blaxploitation legend passed away in 2008 at the age of 81 from diabetes.