Is Justin Beiber still the happy-go-lucky kid from his My World 2.0 days?

Well, the teen hearthrob icon is reportedly being sued by the man he got into a street fight with in Cleveland after Game 3 of the 2016 NBA Finals.

According to TMZ, Tobias Cannon recently filed a lawsuit in L.A. against the singer, detailing the fight which left him with multiple injuries.

Cannon claims he was injured in his head, neck, and back. He also said he lost consciousness during the fight. In addition to that, Cannon is accusing Bieber of using “racial epithets” during the brawl, but doesn’t specifically mention what Bieber said.

This video that has been widely shared on the ‘net shows the moments of Justin and Cannon throwing blows. In the clip, you can see the guys arguing before Tobias, who’s wearing a Cavaliers shirt, throws a punch to Justin’s head. Justin returns with another punch and then the meleeé begins.