The GZA is bringing forth the reality of his genius during live performances, in this case his specialty with the game of chess. During his live set at The Independent in San Francisco this past Saturday (June 9), the Wu legend took the challenge of a fan in the audience to make a move on their steady chessboard.

A Twitter user by the name of “FrakTheMC” shared the intriguing moment on Twitter in a video with the words “GZA playing chess while rapping wow” plastered across it. The Liquid Swords emcee swiftly made his move on the board without breaking a sweat. If you know anything about the Wu besides their musical catalog, you’d know that a majority of the clan are masters at chess. In RZA’s book, Tao of the Wu, the legendary producer describes the complex game as a “source of wisdom” and “martial art”. The science behind Wu’s chess intake is the parallelity it hoards with overall life. “When you’re on a streak in chess, you’re usually on a streak in everything in your life,” writes RZA.

GZA continues to remain balanced and simultaneously evolved in his crashing emcee stance. Just recently, he performed on NPR’ Music Tiny Desk Concert series with The Soul Rebels audibly inclining his top hits “Living in the World Today,” “Duel of the Iron Mic,” and “Liquid Swords” making a rare Hip-Hop appearance. To add on to his active endeavors, the Genius will join his crew his for a new album which owns an expectation to drop this November right around the time of the collective’s legendary debut Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) 25th anniversary.