Legal issues have chased Trey Songz recently and a new case has emerged. TMZ reports a woman is suing for mental and physical injury after an incident outside Vanity Grand Cabaret, a strip club in Philadelphia.

The incident occurred last year as the woman approached Trigga for a picture and was allegedly met with a grab and twist of her arm and wrist, which she states could result in “cosmetic disfigurement.” The woman also received psychiatric treatment after the interaction as she became depressed.

The lawsuits from that night in Philadelphia do not stop with that woman, her cousin also has a suit against the singer for causing expenses and damages to her by alledging knocking a phone out of her hand when she attempted to take a picture. The phone then went on to hit her face and break her glasses.

Legal trouble has followed Trey Songz this year. Back in March, he was facing a felony domestic violence charge in Los Angeles after an accusation of striking a woman at a party during NBA All-Star Weekend. He eventually was not charged with a crime.