Well, the worst may be over for Lil’ Scrappy in terms of making sure that he’s healthy after the accident, but he still may have to pay for the hardships faced by his friend who was also in the car during the accident.

Ca$ino Roulette, the passenger in the car with Scrappy when he had that near-fatal car accident in South Carolina, is preparing to sue because of his serious injuries, according to TMZ.

Brett L. Schlacter, Roulette’s lawyer, says that his client suffered life to change injuries after Lil’ Scrappy allegedly fell asleep at the wheel. Schlacter claims that Scrappy was negligent and reckless, and his client is “lucky to be alive.”

Roulette was in ICU for 3 days following the accident and is now home in South Carolina recovering from his injuries — broken ribs, concussion, bruised lungs, liver and kidneys — and 2 major surgeries to repair his ruptured large intestine.

Schlacter says that Ca$ino is suing to cover medical expenses, wage loss, and compensation for life-altering injuries.

Scrappy may not be charged by the police with any crimes, but he will definitely be facing his friend Ca$ino in court.