Homicide investigators believe that they have a lead on the shooting death of Florida millennial rapper XXXtencion, who was killed on Monday, and they think that their biggest clue is on Instagram.

Broward County investigators are zeroing in on a picture posted on Instagram by another Florida rapper, Soldier Kidd, in which he is shown with a gun on his waistband next to a plate of fried shrimp and french fries in his lap.

The picture was taken at the Hook Fish & Chicken, less than seven minutes from where XXXtencion was shot in the neck and killed in his car on Monday. Detectives are said to have collected surveillance footage from the Hook Fish & Chicken Restaurant to find out what time Kidd was actually in the establishment.

Also, according to a description given by Broward County Sheriff’s Department dispatch, one of the suspects was wearing a red mask. Kidd posted a photo of himself and one of his homies, with a red mask on the headrest of the car’s passenger seat.

Soldier Kidd has been a suspect in the shooting since it occurred, but he has denied any involvement in the incident.

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