During the wee hours of Friday (June 22) night, Redman dropped “I Love Hip-Hop,” an ode to his Hip-Hop being which is apparently a take from the long-awaited sequel to one of his most cherished albums Muddy Waters Too.

The song and music video premiered on the website of LA-based production company Riverting Entertainment Group, whom the New Jersey rap legend has partnered up with as he now takes the independent road. After years, months, and weeks of promising to drop Muddy Waters Too, the coming of the gem is not hitting close to a reality and Red wants to make sure that he executes this release in the most effective way possible. The Funk Doc tells All Hip-Hop about his strategic measure behind dropping the single amid the top of the summer season and expressed a sense of excitement regarding his profound business acumen, which will be evident in his handles with his upcoming album.

“Droppin’ new music for the summer is freakin’ dope; summertime is money time as well. Everyone is home from school etc,” tells Redman. “I’m independent now and my business skills turned way up! Music is the outlet to bigger and better business; that’s what I’m excited about. I can promise my fans what you see from me is what you get! No additives, no preservatives. Raw, uncut music!”

Red manages to preserve the skit element of classic Hip-Hop production by setting off the visual in the likes of a ’70s Black comedy sitcom where he is an employee of some sort of music venue and gets pressed by his boss about parking in her spot. Bored from his closing duties, the elite lyricist makes a music suggestion and ends up becoming the sound of the moment. Redman has clearly maintained his signature stance, as most ’90s rappers should, with his sophisticated gritty approach. Bridging the gap of support, you will catch Red rocking the mic with a “Free Meek” shirt while he proves his transcending talents. The visual ends with a statement saying “from the Muddy Waters Too Movement,” which is an avid confirmation that “I Love Hip Hop” reigns from the gem and that its coming is surely near. It is clearly a sample of whats to come.