The basketball world is waiting for where LeBron James will put on a jersey and call home for the 2018-19 NBA Season and the calmest person through this entire process may be the legend himself. TMZ reports LeBron is lounging in a beach house in Anguilla prior to making Decision 3.0.

The beach house is equipped with 8 master bedrooms, a full-time chef, butler and a 44 ft infinity pool. If that’s not enough LeBron has direct access to the beach. When the sun is too much to bare he can return back to the beach house where he has a full food and beverage staff for every food need.

The price of the beach house comes in at a whopping $75,000 per month but for LeBron, it’s manageable seeing that he just left $35.6 million on the table by opting out of contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers making him a free agent. He won’t be missing that money for long, his new deal will put him in the ballpark, if not more, per year for years to come.

If the beaches and sun entice LeBron maybe donning the purple and gold of the Los Angeles Lakers will be his move after all. For more details regarding where King James will claim the throne and call home, be sure to check back with The Source. He also very well may have a new superstar team or two and is allegedly going to release a trailer for the oft-rumored Space Jam 2 once his new deal is announced.

Check out all the amenities of the beach house here.