Everywhere you look in the past week Drake has been there with his Scorpion album. For Spotify users, his presence was so frequent that it was seen as excessive and has some users thinking about abandoning the streaming service altogether.

After the release, Drake appeared to be the Spotify poster child as he was the featured image on numerous playlists what the company referred to as Scorpion SZN. The playlist that featured the face of the 6ix God sometimes did not even have music in the playlist. A representative for Spotify stated to Billboard this type of promotion was a first for the company.

Drake is Spotify’s top streaming artist and has recently broken the one-week streaming record for the United States in a short three days. The multiple inclusion of Drake’s image was planned as a celebration but elicited requests for refunds citing advertisements on ad-free accounts.

Complaints made it to Reddit where a user named Schwagschwag stated he received a refund, which others also claimed they have received. For those who haven’t, they have threatened a refund.

After complaints were voiced online, Billboard reached out to Spotify for a comment and didn’t receive any response, but do note sources tell them there is currently no plan for a refund policy.