Three suspects have been arrested on charges of kidnapping horror actress Daisy McCrackin and actor Joseph Capone and holding them for ransom for $10,000. The kidnapping occurred May 3, 2017, in South Los Angeles.

According to the indictment, McCrackin, best known for her supporting role in Halloween: Resurrection, and Capone were kidnapped at her home by two men, Keith Stewart and Johntae Jones. A third person, Amber Neal, allegedly helped in holding McCrackin and Capone for ransom. The indictment says Stewart and Jones pistol-whipped Capone and dragged him into a car. McCrackin was then forced into the vehicle.

Prosecutors say McCrackin and Capone were brought to Jones’ home in Compton. Capone was stripped naked, forced into a bathtub, and not given food for a 30-hour period. The indictment also says that Capone was beaten and kicked after he tried to protect McCrackin against the suspects.

The indictment alleges Neal got involved when she forced McCrackin to write a check for $10,000 in ransom. Neal was arrested by the Los Angeles Police Department on Monday, June 2. Neal is being held on $1 million bail, while Jones and Stewart are being held on $3 million bail and $2 million bail, respectively. All three suspects could face life in prison if convicted.

McCrackin starred as Donna Chang opposite Jamie Lee Curtis and Tyra Banks in Halloween: Resurrection. The actress’ other credits the film A Crack in the Floor and television appearances on “Jane the Virgin.” McCrackin made appearances in 2018 horror films House of Demons and Delirium.