Evel Knievel became a household name throughout the late 1960’s. Few would ever think about attempting his famous long-jump stunts. However, Travis Pastrana made it look easy.

Last night in Las Vegas the motorsports veteran completed three of Knievel’s most famous jumps, one of which Knievel failed and almost died during his career run as America’s favorite dare-devil.

Pastrana rode an Indian Scout FTR750. Propelled by the 748 cc engine he was able to jump 143 feet to clear 52 crushed cars. Then he showed no signs of fear as he jumped over 16 Greyhound buses totaling 193 feet.

Dressed in a white leather suit complete with a blue V, white stars, and a cape, he closed the “Evel Live” show by clearing the fountains at Ceasar’s Palace, spanning 143 feet.

Ironically, Knievel attempted to jump across the fountains at the palace in 1967. Unfortunately for him, he hit the knuckle just before landing ramp. As a result, he went headfirst over the handlebars, crushed his pelvis and fractured several other bones according to ESPN.

“It’s just such an honor to live a day in Evel’s footsteps and literally his boots,” Pastrana said. “To be here in Las Vegas, so much of my history has been here. I proposed to my wife here. I had [the] first Nitro Circus show here. This was definitely the coolest thing I’ve ever done.”

Coming from a man who has conquered everything from supercross to the X Games and rally cars.

“This is all about Evel, and the coolest thing about this whole thing, all of Evel’s family is out here,” said Pastrana,  “This is the home of the most iconic jump, one of the most iconic events that has ever gone down. And to end at Caesars Palace, to have a chance to jump the fountain, it’s not the longest jump, but it’s definitely the hardest.”