It is obvious that Future sees a great deal of himself in new generation rappers. This past weekend, the Atlanta native took to Twitter to release his sentiments about young rappers and their inability to acknowledge him for his influence on their musical persona, Vibe reports. Through social media, he made a request to young rappers, ultimately demanding credit for being the trendsetter of their flows, adlibs, and overall style.

“Enough of these lil niggas running round like I ain’t make y’all,” tweets Future. “I been humble way too long.”

The seven-tweet virtual rave delved into the Jimi Hendrix personified rapper taking self-proclaimed ownership of the titles, flows, adlibs, and even the clothes and women associated with modern-day rappers. “Your titles and flows came Frm me..stop fuckin playin,” he tweeted. “Your ad libs MINES.” He thanked himself for the requested credit in advance, “I gracefully gave u a style to run with like it was your own. Thank me.”

Twitter users dropped their own sentiments on the rapper’s stance throwing T-Pain and Lil Wayne into the mix. One user tweeted, “I’m sure this is how T-Pain feels about you,” while another thought it was nice to send him a reminder, “LIL WAYNE BIRTH THOSE FLOWS BEFORE YOU.”

Now, the rant, at this time, is not known to be directed at any particular new generation rapper nor has the trigger behind the rant been revealed. Realistically, when it comes to trap music, Future is not a pioneer of the now dominating genre. His career as an artist came to rise due to the popularity of the transformed Hip-Hop sound and he has managed to make a substantial imprint due to his innovative approach. So hopefully, the DS2 artist does not own the intent to align himself along the same marks as trap legends T.I., Gucci Mane, and Young Jeezy.

There is no denying Future’s widespread twist with auto-tune, which solidified the profile for aspiring rock star rappers. His act of using the device to stretch and ebb his lyrics for the sake of coming in sync with his feelings is viewed as being unconventional by the masses. This profound sound has inspired many to follow suit as being the future of the Hip-Hop genre, which ended up contributing to the sub-genre of trap music. Hopefully, one day, Future will get the proper credit he demands, especially when scholastic clarity comes into play.

Read Future’s seven-tweet rant below.