For those that remember the original in 1995, Tales From the Hood brought Clarence Williams III to the silver screen for a motion picture that featured four mini-stories that brought a fright to the African-American film community. 23 years later, get ready for the sequel that will bring an updated story that will feature vixens, ghosts and possibly the dolls that haunted many fans of the first film.

Tales From the Hood 2 will bring forth four new stories and will star Keith David in the place of Mr. Simms, which was portrayed by Williams III in the first film. Spike Lee will executive produce the film and the original creators of the first film, Darin Scott and Rusty Cundieff, will write and direct the film.

To give a preview of the film the first trailer is available and looks to also touch on today’s social climate if that wasn’t scary enough as is. Appearing alongside Keith David will be Bryan Batt, Lou Beatty Jr., Alexandria DeBerry and more.

The film will debut at Fantastic Fest in Montreal this Friday and be available for personal collections and on-demand streaming services October 2.