For the past year, there has been the perception of beef between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj in regards to who holds the throne for best woman rapper in the game. There has been the “Motorsport” controversy and the meeting of the two at the Met Gala, but all appears well between the game’s leading ladies as Nicki reportedly sent a basket of baby gifts to Cardi B for her new daughter Kulture Kiara Cephus.

The Blast brings the news of a $5,000 basket, which was bought shortly after Cardi’s floral Instagram announcement hit the web. The gifts came from Petit Tresor in Los Angeles, a boutique known for its high-end products, and the staff was told to make the gift “as girly as possible.” The basket contained clothes, dolls, stuffed animals, and a sterling silver rattle. Nicki also purchased luxury organic pampering items for Cardi’s personal use.

The gift for Cardi B is said to be delivered by the end of this past Wednesday (July 11).

Aside from providing a dope baby gift, Nicki Minaj is very busy heading into her album season. She recently released the video for her new single “Bed,” with Ariana Grande and even teased the possibility of her and the singer creating an album together. With the Cardi relationship seemingly doing well, maybe another one will get patched up soon.