Shortly before officially becoming a new mom, Cardi B shared a childhood photo of herself. In the photo, we find young Cardi standing with her hand on hip, offering the camera a sarcastic smile. Clearly, she’s always been a sassy girl.

However, she may have never expected the old picture to take over the internet. Seeing her pose and expression, fans decided it was perfect for a meme. Since then, dozens of Cardi B memes have flooded every social media platform. Cardi is always down for a good laugh and has even reposted a few of them on her Instagram.

On one that reads, “my momma said your daddy ain’t in college, he in jail” Cardi captioned the post, “too funny cause I was always a smart ass like this.”

Based on the latest photo she shared which also features her younger sister Hennesey, with a caption that reads,” We hate you hoes @hennessycarolina “this is our playground now. “ We imagine this something Cardi really said at that age while visiting neighborhood parks.

Cardi is always willing to interact with fans and her latest post may offer some new inspirations for a meme. Looking at the photo, what would your meme say?

Check out the new photo and some of the other hilarious memes below. You can bet that Cardi will be snapping tons of photos so baby-girl Kulture can have her own place in the family photo album.

In other news, photos from Jay-Z’s super safe jet-ski ride, became all the rage before Cardi memes started popping up.

We hate you hoes @hennessycarolina “this is our playground now “

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😂😂😂😂😂ya need to stop

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