Future recently was in a StubHub, an online ticket exchange company, commercial. The Beast Mode 2 rapper played as a waiter at an upscale restaurant. It began as a man contemplating on a date with his girlfriend for he copped an ankle bracelet. In the clip, the Atlanta rapper maintained his demeanor by pouring out the upscale wine and gives the guy some helpful advice. “It’s Trish’s birthday,” Future says after pulling up to the young dude’s table. “A fine lady like that, she deserves more than an ankle bracelet from the mall—like tickets to my sold-out show.”

Future recently released his mixtape, Beast Mode 2, that is something his fans can listen to while his album is finishing up. It is a first to see him in a commercial with such a remarkable role; since he has the “I’m good love, enjoy” attitude. You can peep the commercial below and make sure you cop your tickets to his joint tour with Nicki Minaj.