Since his discharge from jail in January, Kevin Gates has taken it ease back returning to live exhibitions. Be that as it may, in June, the Louisiana rapper made that big appearance at The Novo in Los Angeles for his first live show since his release.

In his first vlog since his jail discharge, Gates gives fans an in the background take a gander at his life the day preceding the show and admits he was apprehensive about hitting the stage once more.  “I ain’t gon’ lie, I’m nervous,” Gates laughingly said. “You can train super hard, but when you get in that ring, it’s different. When you in the ring and you see all them people down there, you can become so overwhelmed with what’s going on.”

To battle his nerves, Gates say rehearse is the key. “So you gotta practice it until it becomes second nature, ’til you can do this shit naked. You can do this shit sleep, you can do this shit not sleep, you can do this shit disoriented,” the rapper added.

While Gates hasn’t done numerous shows since his discharge from jail, the rhymer has made a point to convey new music to his fans. In May, Gates dropped the three-melody venture, Chained to the City, which includes the tunes “Change Lanes,” “Vouch” and “Let It Sing.”

The rapper also struggled while performing live since being discharged from jail. In May, Gates was booked to perform at the 2018 Jmblya Festival yet had to cancel the show after his wife, Dreka Gates said the Illinois Department of Corrections was keeping him from leaving the province of Illinois.

Look at Kevin Gates talking about his pre-indicate butterflies below: