Rapper XXXTentacion was brutally murdered outside a Deerfield Beach, Florida motorcycle dealership last month after shopping for motorcycles at a dealership in South Florida.  Investigators discovered that he withdrew $50,000 in large bills just hours before he was gunned down.

Two suspects are in custody in connection with the rapper’s shooting death. Two more suspects are still at large.

An affidavit reveals X withdrew $50,000 from a Bank of America location in South Florida prior to the armed robbery. The money was concealed in a Louis Vuitton Avenue Sling bag.

According to the affidavit, The money consisted of $100 bills in bank wrappers, which he had with him in a Louis Vuitton before heading to the motorsports store.

Not too long after the rapper’s death, suspects were seen on social media bragging and showing off large amounts of cash the same day of the incident.

Two suspects have been arrested in the case, and four suspects were recently indicted by a grand jury. Police are still on the hunt for the other two suspects who were officially indicted.

The bag was missing from X’s car after the robbery.

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