The weekend hasn’t been so kind to Offset as he now faces a couple of felony and misdemeanor charges, along with a new lawsuit. Now free on $17,000 bail, Offset thanks his lawyer Drew Findling for going to bat for him over charges that could send him back to prison.

Findling has been at work speaking against the charges that have been registered against Offset and advocating that the rapper is completely innocent stating: “he did not commit any traffic offense and he certainly was not in possession of any weapons.” Findling states Offset is the victim of racial profiling and was a target due to driving a luxury vehicle and wearing high-end clothing. He also stated the only weapon in the car belonged to the bodyguard of Offset.

Offset acknowledged the hard work and commitment of his lawyer on Instagram by posting a picture, commending him on his hard work and acknowledging him not only as a lawyer but also as a friend. Check out the full message below.