While everyone is focusing on Faith Evans-Wallace-Jordan’s new nuptial, few people know about her first rapper love.

Nope…  not The Notorious B.I.G., but Brick City’s own Redman.

The two fell in love (well you know.. serious like) when they were teens growing up in church. Sunday after Sunday, Faith sang like a bird beautiful harmonies “unto The Lord,” and Redman (then Reggie Noble) banged it out on the skins as the church drummer. Yes, you heard it right: The Funk Doctor Spock was once the church’s Funky Drummer.

This was years before she met BIG, and the two have remained friends over the years.

In her Drink Champs interview with N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN, she dropped some gems that fans might not have known about just how close she, Redman and BIG were. With her long-time friend and her ex-husband’s lieutenant, Lil’ Cease from Junior Mafia, sitting next to her she gave almost 3 hours of unadulterated commentary about her life in the industry and her being connected to the top music makers of a generation while sipping Tiger Bone and puffing la.

Host N.O.R.E. recalls, “One of the purest souls I have ever met in Hip-Hop was BIG, speaking of Bransons (editor’s note: a jump off spot)… the only people I ever seen behind the counter at Bransons were Redman and BIG.”

And Faith replies, “Well Redman introduced me to Bransons and I’m the one who introduced BIG… That’s how they know about Bransons  ‘cuz I was coming back with the jars and ‘BIG was like where you getting those big jars from?'” and she replied to BIG, “‘Redman’s uptown at The Candy Store… ‘”

Not only did Faith kick it with Redman (going to church and spots), they also made great music. Check out “Party” from her from the 2010 Something About Faith album and “All I Do” from his 2010 Reggie album.

It was all in fun. Faith consistently carried herself on the show like a seasoned lady that knows how to kick it with the boys. While her relationship with Redman was light, it is great to see a woman in Hip-Hop maintain solid relationships with rappers standing on her feet.

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Congrats on the new marriage to Stevie and we can’t wait to hear what’s next.