The adidas Kamanda was created as a tribute to game of soccer, but the silhouette has taken on a life of its own due to its eye-turning structure and intricate design details. As far as the colorways are concerned, well, the sky’s pretty much the limit — take this all-gold-everything pair that just dropped for example.

The official colorway name for this set of kicks is “Raw Tan,” named for the hue’s monochrome takeover of the entire shoe, starting from the suede upper and working its way down to the bumpy-textured outsole. The tongue is its own separate feature, utilizing a textured cloth that looks really good underneath the thick laces of the same color. If you like gold as much as the homie Goldmember, then these are definitely the kicks for you.

Pick up the adidas Kamanda “Raw Tan” right now for $150 USD at select retailers, including Rock City Kicks who provided the dope imagery below:

Source: Sneaker News