Smokers living in New York City Housing Authority residences will have to find a new way to soothe their nerves after 400,000 public housing tenants will soon be banned from smoking inside their apartments as part of a nationwide push to designate those areas smoke-free zones.

The new rule will penalize anyone who smokes cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and hookah pipes in indoor common areas, within public housing units, in administrative offices, and in outdoor areas within 25 feet of NYCHA buildings.  Violators will risk losing their apartment.

NYCHA says the rule is designed “to improve indoor air quality, benefit the health of residents and staff, reduce the risk of fires, and lower overall maintenance costs.”

Residents are fuming at the new policies stating it’s not fair they will be monitored in their homes.  Angry Facebook posts are highlighting other problems with NHCHA such as vermin, urine in elevators, no water or heat and other repairs that are needed—yet overlooked.  Others feel this will give New York City police officers more leeway to harass tenants forging a wedge between NYPD and NYCHA residents.

What do you think about the new ban, will residents comply or risk getting evicted?