It happens.

No one really knows how it does. You just be scrolling down your IG page and a big booty Instagram Model catches your eye and you say to yourself… “SELF… Let’s look at her profile.” You notice that she has a ton of those fatty fatty pics and then you inadvertently click that message button and try to connect. Many of dude has done it. No judgement.

But when you are a popular rapper, things tend to shift and stakes get even higher.

Women don’t seem to be as honest and maybe there is more to her than a big butt and a smile… (Didn’t BBD warn y’all fools?).

Rich The Kid, though seemingly at the top of his game, has recently fell victim to the poison.

Check out what happens when he gets caught sliding in someone’s DM and her man catches the exchange:

#RichTheKid arguing with the man over facetime.

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In the video, you can see him arguing with a guy over him sliding in his lady’s DM. It is unclear if the two (Rich The Kid and the mystery lady) had ever met up, but whatever the hubby/ boyfriend saw he was not pleased.

Classic G Move: Rich asks the guy “Is she still your girl?” That’s right… switch that up in the middle of the g-check. Like he ain’t supposed to get mad at you. Rich is luck that he did not hit him the way DJ Nabbs did Nas.

Just recently, Rich The Kid’s IG was hacked and held for ransom. The hacker wanted $750K to give him back the original profile name. Wonder why he didn’t just say, “Hey my IG was hacked!”? She must be worth it.

Waiting to see this unfold.