Many of us came to know and love her for her roles as Mrs. Garrett on tv’s Diff’rent Strokes and The Facts of Life, with this in mind, we are saddened to report the passing of Charlotte Rae.

Born in 1926, Rae seemed to realize her destiny very early on. She earned her first opportunity when she starred in the  TV comedy Car 54, Where Are You? in the early ’60s. Others would soon recognize her talent as well.

According to IMDb, she earned an  Emmy nomination for her performance in the 1975 TV drama Queen of the Stardust Ballroom. Prior to this, Rae made multiple guests appearances on All in the Family (1971) and Good Times (1974). By 1978 she secured the role as Mrs. Garrett on NBC’s Diff’rent Strokes. Rising in popularity she would eventually move on to her own show, The Facts of Life in 1979.

Both shows lasted well into the 1980’s and became fan favorites. A few of her former co-stars such as Todd Bridges, Kim Fields, and Larry Wilmore have reacted to news of Charlotte Rae’s passing.

Rae passed away Sunday (August 5) in her Los Angeles home. She was surrounded by her family and at this time a cause of death has not been disclosed.

Source: CNN