For a majority of 2018, there was a saga surrounding Kawhi Leonard and the San Antonio Spurs, with most reports stating the former Spurs swingman wanted out of Texas, citing team and personal differences. He got his wish, but many fans may look at his open letter to the city and the team as weird with his perceived intense desire to leave.

Kawhi submitted a letter to the San Antonio Express-News, where he stated he has “been going back and forth” on what to tell the city and settled for “THANK YOU!”

In the letter, Leonard thanked everyone from teammates to Coach Popovich to the organization and the fans.

“Through all the ups and downs – I’m glad there were many more ups! – I’ll never forget what we have shared and accomplished together.” Leonard wrote.

Kawhi signed off with one last “THANK YOU!” but it’s pretty safe to assume that his message will not stop the boo birds from coming out the first time he returns to the Alamo City.

You can read his full letter here.