Aquaman is scheduled to swim into theaters this Christmas but do not expect any of his friends from the DC Universe to come along. Fellow members of the Justice League like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman will be nowhere to be found in the Aquaman standalone film according to director James Wan.

“I wanted to keep the story to the world of Aquaman and not have to worry about what other characters are doing in their films and how that would affect us,” Wan shared with Entertainment Weekly. “I just thought the simplest way was to keep it clean—keep it simple and let it be an Aquaman story.”

The Aquaman film will take you through the origins of our sea hero showcasing his first revelation of being able to communicate with fish.

For those fans that want to get a dose of the additional superheroes of the DC universe, you just have to hold on a little bit longer as Wonder Woman 2 will hit theaters in November of 2019. Not apart of the Justice League, but DC will also release superhero comedy Shazam! in April of 2019.