We all know when 50 Cent feels strongly about anything, there’s a good chance the issue will surface in some form on his Instagram page.

His latest post has us wondering if he as made a break in the assault case of Brooklyn rapper Casanova?  Last week we reported that the NYPD opened an investigation into the rapper and his crew after a woman named Niya Rucker claims the group attacked her.

According to her, she and Casanova were both inside the Good Stuff Diner when one of the crew members assumed she was filming the rapper. As a result, they took her phone. She further claims that one of Cas’ crew members put her in a chokehold while the rapper deleted the video from her phone.

Thus leaving her with a possible fractured jaw, a loose tooth and several lacerations to her face requiring stitches. She also appeared visibly shaken while appearing on WPIX11 News.

However, 50 might want her to appear on Power because his recent IG post suggests Ms. Rucker is good at reading lines because she was coached by her lawyer.

“He didn’t touch you though, right?” a womanly voice ask. Then another womanly voice responds, “nah…he deleted the live. He got my phone and deleted the live first.”

“But he didn’t hit you though, right, asked the first voice again. The second voice which is believed to be Ms. Rucker then makes a shocking statement. “Nobody hit me, I’m not no clout chasing-ass-motherf*****. I’m not no groupie-ass-motherf*****,” said the alleged voice.

It is the next statement that follows which leads us to believe 50 may have made a break in the case. “If somebody can give me the name to the n***** that actually touched me,  or whatever the case may be for my actual story, we can find out who this n***** is, then we’re good 100 percent all day.”

Furthermore, the womanly voice directing the questions then admits “I don’t know who the guy was.” As if that wasn’t enough evidence to dismiss the case already, the voice believed to be Ms Rucker interjects to say, “and with the lawsuit, it’s not against him per se, it’s against the f****** restaurant because none of these n***** did s*** while this whole s*** was going down.”

👀See why you can’t believe everything you hear, shorty say Casanova didn’t touch her. 🍾#lecheminduroi reads 50’s caption. We aren’t sure how exactly he obtained the conversation but clearly, something isn’t adding up. We’ll have more on this issue as it develops.

Cas unofficially responded to the allegations by dropping a snippet of a freestyle over Mobb Deep’s “Quiet Storm.” the caption read “Y’all know my body..I’m built for this type of shit..Picture me risking it all over a chick.”