Everyone that that the “father and son” beef between Cash Money Records CEO Bryan “Baby” Willams and Dwayne “Lil Wayne” Carter Jr., but it looks like a new legal battle has just begun.

Aspire Music Group, the brand that was founded by Wayne’s manager Cortez Bryant, filed a lawsuit against Cash Money, Young Money, Republic Records, and Universal Music Group for royalties related to YMCMB poster boy Drake.

A New York judge ruled against Cash Money’s request to have the case dropped, so Baby countersued, alleging that Bryant and Carter conspired to monopolize the profits from Drake.

According to court documents, “There was no business purpose to forming Aspire, other than to siphon profits out of the joint venture and to divert those profits to Sweeney, Bryant, and Carter/ Young Money. Aspire never conducted any business other than getting Drake signed to a record label. Aspire has never signed, nor sought to sign, a single additional artist.”

Despite Cortez and Carter’s close relationship, neither Wayne or Young Money are mentioned in the lawsuit.

Back when Wayne was suing baby in 2015, Drake’s catalog was a major aspect of the case against Cash Money and Birdman. A 2009 court document entitled “Drake Letter Amendment”, which solidifies an agreement that profits from Drake’s records between Cash Money and Young Money.