Confirmed reports from NBC unveil a strict law that requires hairstylists to have cosmetology licenses for braiding has come under fire in New Jersey. Governor Phil Murphy vetoed a bill on Monday that would have decriminalized the act in the state.

The law threatens the occupation and means of living for hundreds of experienced braiders, the majority of whom are Black and immigrants. As of today, the rule allows for fines and arrests for those who are unlicensed and unable to work in African and Black hair braiding shops. The state allowed the controversial law to live, which doesn’t take into account the high costs and length of time it takes to become licensed.

Governor Phil Murphy shut down the repeal of the law and suggested that some adjustments be made to the law. His suggestions include reducing training to a maximum of 40 hours for experienced hair braiders and 50 hours for new braiders. He also wants to add two experienced hair braiders to the New Jersey State Board of Cosmetology and Hairstyling.

Hair braiders in New Jersey are battling the law at a time when fights against hair discrimination in public workplaces and schools have reached an apex. Permanently repealing the law could have national implications.