This Wednesday we are crushing on stylist and life coach Misa Hylton who will be speaking on our HERSource Glam Panel this Friday, September 7th at BRIC Arts Media in Brooklyn giving her expert tips on fashion, beauty and style.
Helmed as the creator of the coveted 90’s look, the multi-talented stylist who has created iconic fashion moments for 24 years told the New York Times Style Magazine that her creativity was self-taught and came organically from within.

“I didn’t go to fashion school; my education came from experience and through my connections,” Hylton says. “I was just a girly girl who listened to hip-hop and would daydream about clothes and what you would wear if you were listening and living in that hip-hop zone. Maybe I would think about going to a party and what would be cool to wear to this party while this music was playing.”

Credited for creating some of hip-hop’s most iconic looks, Misa can also be credited for nudging her then-boyfriend to sign the greatest rapper of all time. (Don’t @ me.)

“Sean almost didn’t sign Biggie because, at first, he didn’t know how he was going to market him,” Hylton says. “And I remember saying, ‘You make him the biggest, blackest, flyest dude in the world.’”
Fun Fact:  Misa also served as The Source Magazine’s Fashion Editor in 2003!
Come meet her at this year’s Source 360 and get your tickets HERE
Check out some of my favorite Misa Hylton styled videos below.