The mayor of a Louisiana town has banned Nike products from city recreation facilities, days after the sports apparel company hired former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick for its new advertising campaign.

CBS News reports that  Mayor E. Ben Zahn III (Kenner, Louisiana) banned the purchase of Nike’s products by clubs that use the city’s public recreational facilities.  Kenner City Councilman, Gregory Carroll has denounced the action. Carroll is not alone in his protest. LaToya Cantrell, the Mayor of neighboring New Orleans, made her own statement regarding the outrageous ban.


Nike recently unveiled its “Dream Crazy” campaign featuring Kaepernick, who triggered a wave of protests against racial inequality last year by kneeling during the National Anthem prior to games. The ads generated passionate reactions from people around the world.

The Kenner memo says that effective immediately, all purchases of clothing, shoes, athletic equipment or any other athletic equipment by booster clubs operating public recreational facilities must be approved by Pitfield or his designee. Criticism of the ban was swift on social media.

Bernice A. King, the CEO of The King Center honoring the legacy of her father, slain civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., tweeted: “Imagine if the City of Kenner, Louisiana banned systemic racism, overt racism and police brutality. Because these are the issues most who are demonizing @Kaepernick7 and vilifying @Nike aren’t even willing to focus on.”