At this point, there is no need to show fake love to each other. Cardi B popped off on Nicki Minaj during New York Fashion Week. She didn’t get to finish what she started but regardless to which side you choose, we respect Bardi for wearing her war scars with pride.

Still, we would prefer both these ladies maintain a sense of class and keep the focus on their music and not petty personal problems. Keep in mind young women and children are watching your every move. More importantly, fighting at a formal event like NYFW looks bad for both Hip Hop and fashion culture, and for women of color as well.

Even so, Nicki Minaj is picking up where Funk Master left off by continuing the “payola” allegations. Insinuating that Cardi B’s career is based off what money can buy and sympathy.

Cardi did respond to those allegations saying,  “People call me a flop when it don’t do good but when [it] is good, its payola or [its] a f****** excuse. GTFO!”

Adding to the petty party which took place live on the airways of Queen radio, Nicki phoned in an old rival of Cardi who claims to have known her before we experienced her on Love & Hip Hop. The Barbie regime is in full defense mode as the woman sent a few muddy jabs at the platinum-selling Bronx native.

According to the Bardi rival, Bardi is all but innocent. She claims Bardi called her deceased child “a monkey” and accused the woman of being a drug addict.

Ms. Minaj is quick to acknowledge the hypocrisy of Cardi’s actions considering she claims the Queens native spoke ill of baby Kulture. Minaj maintains she has never said anything ill-fated about baby K.

Meanwhile, Cardi should follow her own advice, “I’m just out here giving people what they want and making sure I make money! All that other bulls*** I don’t a f*** about.”


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