Apparently, Busta got jokes for 50 Cent as well.

50 Cent is renowned for hysterically trolling people on his Instagram. The Power producer does not filter his expression and no one is off limits. In his most recent troll antics, he targeted Busta Rhymes.

“And the award for strongest neck in Hip-Hop go’s to Bussa Buss Yay LOL!” says 50. No one knows 50’s intentions on taking a shot at Busta’s neck, but the two rappers are former label mates. One would assume they are friends or at least well acquainted with each other. The Busta Rhyme comments prompted Casanova to jokingly state, “Busta gonna f*** you up.” 50 would disagree.

Although 50 has since deleted the initial post to ignite the back and forth, the “Touch It” rapper took note of 50’s joke. Therefore, he decided to respond with a roast of his own.

Busta pulls out an old picture of a young Curtis Jackson. “Your tough look funny as hell you tight button face having’ a** n***a,” says Busta.

“Now you need to go get EVERY Strapp!!!!”

In the recent past, we’ve seen the “In da Club” rapper troll Floyd Mayweather, Joe Budden and many more. We’ll continue to watch to see if 50 will respond to Busta’s roast. Due to the number of laughing emojis, it seems that this back and forth is between two friends with no malicious intent.

As stated in the caption, the Flipmode head honcho is currently finishing a new album. Year of the Dragon (2012) last release. It will be interesting what Hip-Hop’s energizer battery has in store to end the year.