Born and raised in Spanish Harlem Streets Da Don’s hustle mentality makes him a force to be reckoned with. Born July 27th, 1990 Streets decided from an early age that music would be something he wanted to pursue. Writing since grade school and recording at the age of 16, Streets felt music was his destiny.

While many teenagers were being taken care of by their parents, Streets was out there taking care of business. Starting his company Self Made Millionaire Records at a mere age of 16 with the help of his brother, Streets embarked on a journey that would be forever.

Recently this past June, Streets released his Debut Project “No Turning Back” an 11 track Mixtape now streaming on all Digital Platforms. The lead single “No Turning Back” captivates Streets’ notion of just that, no turning back. He is at a point in life where looking back is not an option, with all the time and money invested he’s too busy looking ahead to further his business and music career.

Influenced by the lyricism of Tupac Streets’ sound derives from his real life struggle as a minority living in Spanish Harlem. If Streets had the opportunity to work with anyone in the game right now it would be 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Killa Cam, Cardi B, Chris Brown, Rhianna, and the Business Mogul Dame Dash.

Yes, Dame Dash, although not an artist Streets feels that Dash understands what it takes and means to be successful and can help provide the cement to lay down a strong foundation. No stranger to hard work Streets hopes to create and sustain a lavish lifestyle for him and his family. He hopes to create a time capsule of music that’ll speak to generations to come.