Beyoncé is caught in the crosshairs of her former drummer who wants to hit the superstar with a restraining order. The Blast reports drummer, Kimberly Thompson, claims the LEMONADE creator uses “extreme witchcraft” to watch and control her finances.

Thompson was a drummer for Queen Bey for seven years and filed court documents that state she was subject to harassment that included “magic spells of sexual molestation.” The woman also claims that Beyoncé murdered her cat, taping her phone calls and more but can’t provide a direct reason as to why.

The restraining order was denied of course, likely because of how wild the claims are. You can also add on that Beyoncé has better things to be doing like worrying about her own millions and touring the world with her husband and children.

However, The Blast did reach out to both sides for a comment. How amazing would it be if Beyoncé replied with “Lol.”