So it’s pretty clear that Daz Dillinger does not like Kanye West or Kim Kardashian. Earlier this year the West Coast rapper issued a warning to Yeezy, banning him from California and threatening to send Crips to his way. After Ye has called out a few gentlemen about speaking about his wife, Daz is back with more words. “Kanye West, F*ck you and your b*tch” was the opening heater.

Not sure what Dillinger has against the West-Kardashian union but he didn’t hold back how he really felt about Kim K today. “That b*tch sucked so much d*ck. She probably ain’t sucking your d*ck because you be on one.” Daz doesn’t stop there and continues to hurl shots at the couple. Wonder will Kanye have words for him as well.

Check out the random rant below.


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#dazdillinger had a few words for #kanyeweSt 😦

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