Following a tumultous legal ordeal, Vanessa Bling took a break from the world of music to get her mind right and come back bigger and better.

After Cardi B’s use of Bling’s “Everything Fi Hold Him,” the dancehall singer catapulted back into the spotlight and she took that as a sign to give her fans what they had been asking for, which is some new music.

After collaborating with Marcus Records and producer Marcus Myrie, the son of dancehall legend, Buju Banton, on a series of well received songs, Vanessa Bling is once again ready to fly on her own. “The song “Freedom” was my opportunity to tell my story,” she says. “Not just to get some closure on the situation for myself, but also to offer hope and encouragement to anyone else who might be going through a similar situation.”

Currently signed to Outtaspace Entertainment and managed by En-Treeg Records, Vanessa Bling is well on her way back to the top.

Check out her new single, “10 bags” below: